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Excellent business manager

  • With 8 years of experience in the trade supply chain, she is good at planning the entire process of TikSuper supply chain solutions for our products, operations, services and customers' strong capabilities. Her professional performance has amazed countless customers.
  • With 4 years oversea experience of client expert in B2B operation, skilled at the whole value added service solution of TikSuper. She has rewarded good reputation for her excellent performance by clients on top per month.
  • With 8 years of experience in international trade, she is an expert in TikSuper store operations and planning customized solutions. She is fluent in English and Spanish. She has served hundreds of corporate clients and her store's revenue has grown by more than 8% per month.
  • With 10 years of experience in cross-border e-commerce industry experts, he has extensive experience in TikSuper cooperation solutions and plans. She serves hundreds of B2B business customers with high integrity.
  • Has 8 years of experience in overseas to terminal trade sales. Very outgoing and active. He is an expert in the operation of TikSuper stores and has earned a good reputation among customers.
  • Engaged in overseas information flow advertising promotion for many years. Manage and serve customers orders from more than thousands of stores, good at product selection, data analysis, user needs analysis and advertising marketing planning. Helped an e-commerce company to complete 3.5 times ROI growth