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Save your time

After connecting Tiksuper APP to the store, orders and products can be automatically downloaded in Tiksuper APP. A few clicks when placing an order in the Tiksuper APP, 100 orders can be placed with one click within a few seconds. After receiving your order, we have a strong team to complete your order.After the order is shipped, the tracking number will be automatically uploaded to your store by Tiksuper APP, you do not need to perform other operations after placing the order.

Fast delivery

There is product inventory in the warehouse, and it will be shipped within 1-2 days after payment. If there is no stock in our warehouse, it usually takes 2-3 days to purchase the product to reach our warehouse,We have a powerful system, PMS (Procurement Management System), OMS (Order Management System), WMS (Warehouse Management System), etc. These systems have greatly improved our work efficiency, accelerated work speed, and reduced work errors.

Cut costs

If you are selling 5-50 orders per day, while using AliExpress to complete these orders, and tired of the slow shipping of ePacket can not save the repeated copy and paste work, and hope to increase profits by at least 20% automated back-end options

Inventory control

When you have a hot-selling product, we can stock it for you, we will stock it for you according to the sales history and your marketing plan, in order to speed up the order fulfillment speed and improve customers' shopping experience.Our warehouse operates 365 days. If you stock in advance, you can continue to sell during the holiday. This is a good time to increase sales.